420-blend-bag INTRO PRICE  $15.00 EACH  North County Bounty 420 Blend™ For the ultimate bounty, all you need is in the bag! Formally known as “All Season Mix,” North County Bounty's 420 Blend was formulated by Julious Gonsior,  This blend has been honed to perfection over the last 40 years to provide an ideally balanced, high quality potting mix that is easy to use. This rich potting mix contains a fertilizer “charge” no other medium can match. North County Bounty 420 Blend is ideal for seedlings, clones, and transplants. Your plants will thrive and you’ll be rewarded with abundance. If you are a new to growing  don’t worry. Our product is specially formulated to yield maximum results with minimum effort. Plant directly into or use the mix as an amendment to tired, existing soil. However you decide to apply, our product is light-textured and fast draining to encourage robust root growth. Great for the hobbyist and large-scale grower alike, everything you need for a successful harvest is in the mix-just plant, water, and enjoy! Need more reasons to try North County Bounty 420 Blend? Here’s a few: pH adjusted for outstanding nutrient uptake Requires no additional fertilization for 40-60 days Contains no seeds, pathogens, insects or contaminants Ensures exceptional aeration, texture and drainage Lab tested to ensure consistent quality and effectiveness ProGrowers-Organic-Agroponic-Blend-made-by-North-County-Bounty INTRO PRICE  $16.00 EACH  ProGrower's Blend Experienced growers have individualized styles of rationing, blending, and mixing their ingredients, which is why our ProGrower’s blend is specifically designed to allow growers to follow their own unique style of farming. An organic light-weight mix of coco coir base, aerated with lava rock sourced from Lake County and perlite, this blend will work flawlessly in conjunction with all liquid nutrient programs or compost teas. ProGrower’s is the perfect organic indoor gardening medium for all plants grown in aggregate hydroponic systems using a variety of container sizes. It provides the ideal conditions for growth while dramatically reducing the potential for inconsistent results. Still not convinced? Here are some more reasons to try ProGrower’s Blend: The mixture features triple-washed coconut coir—shredded coconut fiber contains large amounts of potassium. Our hydration process ensures proper pH balance and minimum salinity. Drains and dries quickly for an aggressive feeding schedule. Regularly lab tested to ensure balance and quality of ingredients is maintained.

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